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The Mindray M7 Portable Ultrasound System is designed to meet the needs of the clinicians' busy and challenging point-of-care environments. With the Mindray M7 Portable ultrasound system's sharp,crisp and clear image quality, it can perform any exam, from abdominal to vascular to cardiac, with efficiency and accuracy.
To be effective in different environment, uMEC has passed strict electrical safety tests and reliability tests. It is extremely durable and has a long life span. Harga Pasien MOnitor Mindray kami dijamin lebih bersaing dengan manapun, dan pelayanan purna jual yang memadai. Jual Pasien Monitor Umec 10
This manual details the procedures for operating the DC-7/DC-7T/DC-7S/DC-7E Diagnostic Ultrasound System. Carefully read and understand the manual before using the system to ensure its safe and correct operation. NOTE: When you operate the system, you can refer to the following manuals: Operator’s Manual (Basic Volume) Acoustic output data